Ecoprinted Handkerchief

Ecoprinted Handkerchief


Repurposed fabric ecoprinted with coreopsis flowers and local leaves: oak, maple, cherry and birch. Leaves were placed between folded fabric to create a mirror image. This handkerchief was cut from a larger ecoprinted piece and may not have prints of all the leaves mentioned.


    Size: approximately 15" x 15"

    Material: 100% Cotton


    Ecoprinting uses natural tannins contained in plant materials which react with aluminum, iron, or copper on the fabric to create a “print” of the plant material. The amount of tannins and other compounds in the leaves create different colors and some leaves create better, more dramatic, prints than others. Each ecoprinted piece is unique and variations in color and leaf detail will occur.

    Botanical dyes use plant materials to color fabric. Botanical dyes include flowers, tree bark, leaves, fruit or roots. The fabric is treated with aluminum, iron or copper to help bind the dye to the fabric. Color variations will occur on the final piece when using botanical dyes.

    Botanical dyed and ecoprinted fabric will fade over time. Exposure to direct sunlight will make colors fade more quickly. Washing in cold water with a pH neutral soap will help keep the color longer. Washing in cold water and drying on the lowest dryer setting are recommended for cotton. Washing in cold water and line drying are recommended for silk.

    Please note, the colors on your screen may be different from the actual colors.